13 thoughts on “Good Gracious, 1981

  1. Oh my! This is really something else – so spooky but the 1980’s – I think this is more 1960’s spooky! Either way it says a great deal. Would it be okay to reblog this?

    • Dear Elephant,

      Thank you! The original base image for this collage *was* from a 1960’s (maybe 1950’s?) issue of Nat Geo — I just made the collage a couple of decades later.

      Sure, it’s okay to reblog it! I can imagine at some point that National Geographic might sit up, take notice and issue some kind of cease and desist. If they do… then I will.


      • Dear Jim,

        Nice that you even nod to copyright! Don’t worry, call yourself an artist and this a work of art . . . Still, nice to encounter someone who even cares!!

        I wanted to say the 50’s but I didn’t want to be THAT rude! So it was the 80’s when the art began!! Fair enough. I am going to reblog – not earth shaking but I do think a few people will enjoy this greatly!

        Hi Ho,

  2. Vaguely reminiscent of Max Ernst’s famous collage novels: Une Semaine de Bonté, La Femme 100 têtes… Should have no problems whatsoever with copyrights. Good work.

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