Read Aloud Books #5

‘The Horse and Buggy Doctor’ by Arthur E. Hertzler
‘Raven Seek Thy Brother’ by Gavin Maxwell
‘Give Me My Father’s Body’ by Kenn Harper


“I never refused a call, no matter what the condition, or what the chances of remuneration. When I announced that I wished to study medicine, my father asked me to promise never to refuse to attend a sick person, whether he could or would pay or not. My father, being a farmer, did not realize how exasperating patients can be or how useless some calls. I have kept the faith: that is, almost. I have always refused to attend a drunk with a headache. I figure that he might as well suffer from the present headache as from the one he will acquire as soon as he is relieved.”

— Arthur E. Hertzler



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