2nd Avenue Laundromat, Christmas 2012



Magnetic Poetry—Collaboration #2

Whitewater screams over languid sausage meat (sm)

Only the bare mothers cry and heave (jm)

Rain produces an ugly rust on their drive-by beauty (sm)

A pink lather—the delicate sweat of eternity (jm)

Iron men in go-cars blowing by like falling fingers (sm)

Spray the road red with lusty drool (jm)

And stop drunk under crushing beats of an enormous blood-raw vision (sm)


Magnetic Poetry—Collaboration #1

Beneath the gorgeous purple peach he read (s)
We live like a thousand pound rock (j)
Together we shake the tiny, frantic love apparatus (s)
And take a raw egg smell to bed (j)
But no wax goddess is sleeping in our chocolate dream ship (s)
“Is time so weak?” he asked, as it moaned above a TV summer (j)
Only the wind whispered like a boiling shadow symphony (s)
You lick the smooth garden puppy (j)
Never needing some part of the mad fluffy power (s)


(Image Credit: Magnetic Poetry, surrealmuse Flikr)